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Infinity Ubercube and Other Beaded Cubes Class

Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour
Sunday, June 5, 9:00am - 5:30pm
(with a 1.5 hr. break.)

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Infinity UbercubeInfinity UbercubeInfinity Ubercube

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Four different beaded cube projects are combined to complete this necklace. Students will start this class with a beginner’s lesson on the basic beaded cube with 12 beads. The first jewelry project is the “Mini Cuboctahedron” beaded bead earrings. These tiny beads also work as the beads on the back of the necklace. The next project is the “Infinity Cube”, a hollow lacework of beads that will introduce you to the Infinity Weave technique. Using this technique, you first weave a layer of beaded lace into a ball and then add a second layer to buttress the corners and make them rigid. The culminating project for this class is the “Infinity Ubercube” beaded bead, a remarkably hollow yet firm structure of seed beads. The complete necklace uses an Infinity Cube nested inside of an Infinity Ubercube, five additional Infinity Cubes, and four Mini Cuboctahedron beaded beads. Most students will be able to complete all three beaded cubes but will not complete the entire necklace in class.

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Inifinity Ubercube
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