Sharon Erwine's Jade Time Machines

Sharon Erwine's Jade Time Machines

I Love Jade
by Sharon Erwine
Eaton Rapids Township, Michigan

Sharon says, "My inspiration for the colors was the package of jade coin beads that I used in this project. They are such pretty shades of lavenders and olives. I used three shades of jade rounds (8mm new jade, 6mm lemon olive, 4 mm olive), then picked some pretty green and lavender seed beads and fringe beads for the embellishments. Since I wanted the jade rounds to show through, I stopped after round 2 of the embellishments. If you want, there is yet another round of embellishment to make these beads even fancier." The Time Machines are kissing a center bead, of her own invention. Sharon embellished the jade rounds on the sides of the necklace with sets of three fringe beads matching those in the Time Machines.

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See more of Sharon's beadwork on her blog SharonErwine.blogspot.com. Sharon sells patterns, kits and finished beadwork on her website http://sharonerwine.com.

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