Nicki Gensweider's Infinity DonutNicki Gensweider's Infinity Donut
Infinity Donut Necklace
by Nicki (Immer-wieder-Perlen)
Allerheiligen im Mürztal/Styria/Austria

Nicki says,"I think I am addicted to these Donuts! Here is another idea for the "Infinity Donut". For these colours I was inspired by autumn. When I look out of the window I can see the woods and now they have a lot of colours like brown, yellow, orange, red, green......fantastic! So I made the Donuts in brown, yellow, orange, red and gold!"

Find the Infinity Donut patterns and kits on beAd Infinitum's Kits page. The Infinity Donut pattern is a second chapter to the Infinity Dodecahedron pattern. Start with the Infinity Dodecahedron pattern to learn the Infinity Weave technique, then get the Infinity Donut pattern to make the enchanting bead you see here.

See more of Nicki's beadwork at http://immer-wieder-perlen.blogspot.com/ and in her Picasa Album http://picasaweb.google.com/Nicki.Gen.

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